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About Us

LeBlanc School of Acting is a leading acting school for children and teens who specialize in television and film acting. We are a school that focuses on diversity, inclusion and the use of cutting-edge, forward-thinking techniques that are guaranteed to foster success for youth actors no matter their background or skill set.

Who we are

Founded in January 2015 on the goal of providing exceptional youth education in the dramatic arts, LeBlanc School of Acting quickly rose to prominence in the acting world due to our cutting-edge, forward-thinking techniques and talented instructors. Although we started serving the community of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, we have expanded into a global phenomenon with students in multiple countries and continents around the world.

As one of the globe's premier acting schools of youth and young adults, we strive to ensure each student is able to identify their talents, strengthen their weaknesses and achieve their acting goals. At LeBlanc School of Acting we don’t just support big dreams; we make them a reality.

What we are about

LeBlanc School of Acting’s mission is to provide professional youth acting training through inspirational exploration of abilities, honing of the craft and empowerment.Whether our students choose to focus on film or television as their medium, we believe every student deserves the equal opportunity to build a successful career while learning important life and social skills that will round them as an individual. Our action-oriented curriculum is innovative, energetic and inclusive of all types of youth. We achieve goals through passion, spunk and pride.

How we work

Much like a regular school, LeBlanc School of Acting operates on a term basis. We offer our top-notch training for film and television acting through four terms:

●     Autumn/Fall - Beginning in September

●     Winter - Beginning in January

●     Spring - Beginning in April

●     Summer - Beginning in July

Each term runs for a duration of eight weeks with the exception of our Summer Term, which is made up of several four-day camps or one to two-day workshops.

As of March 2020, LeBlanc School of Acting classes, workshops & camps have gone digital! Going completely virtual means that we can welcome students from all around the world — making LeBlanc a global leader in youth acting!

What You Can Expect

Our students' dreams are our top priority. Our exceptional classes and workshops focus on different themes and approaches but they all work to engage our students and equip them with confidence, innovation and the drive to achieve.

Team Members

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