Paul Tricoli


Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, Paul has the East Coast charm with a dash of West Coast flair, having called New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami home at various points in his adventurous life journey.

While business and finance might be his daytime gig, this act isn't all about numbers. Paul has masterminded a medium-sized business in the medical and legal services industry for over 20 years, proving that even behind the scenes, he has a flair for the dramatic. But Paul's interests soar higher than just balance sheets and contracts. He's currently spreading his wings as he pursues his passion for aviation and works towards earning his pilot's license. Whether navigating the skies or crunching numbers, he's a man who aims for the sky in every aspect of life.

Not only is he a business aficionado and aviation enthusiast, but he's also a dog's best friend. Paul's trusty sidekick is a miniature Australian Shepherd named Austin, and they're always on a mission for fun. Whether in the boardroom or above the clouds, Paul's journey is one of adventure and accomplishment.

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