Private Classes

Private classes are one option that LeBlanc School of Acting offers to help its students achieve success. Private classes offer one-on-one coaching that is customized to each student, leading them to better learning and knowledge retention.

100% Focus, All the Time

LeBlanc was built on offering group classes as a fun place to learn, develop, and meet other young actors. Our group classes are a great setting where students can work alongside their peers and with our skilled teachers, but sometimes we need extra time to master a technique.

Private classes allow students to work directly with an instructor and receive undivided attention. With one-on-one instruction, our teachers are better able to appreciate and work with a student on their rocky points, making the learning process more effective and personalized.

Many of our students combine group and private classes to enhance their LeBlanc experience. No matter your skill level, private classes can benefit your growth and abilities. Our private classes complement our group classes and focus on using cutting-edge techniques and script work to advance your performance and talent.

How does it work?

Most of our teachers at LeBlanc have the ability and time to take on private students. We have confidence that all of our instructors bring unique and powerful lessons to our students and we are best able to select which instructor your child will work with.


Currently, LeBlanc School of Acting offers one-hour private classes in packages. We firmly believe that you cannot master skills in one lesson, so packages are the best way to ensure our students see success. We will work with you to help pair the best equipped teacher for your learning needs based on availability and skill level.

Package 1:

Five private classes for $425.00 CAD +tax
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Package 2:

Eight private classes for $575.00 CAD +tax
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*Please note, there is a surcharge of $100.00 CAD +tax for LeBlanc Founder & President Julian LeBlanc & Leading Teacher Athena Russell on top of these prices.


Julian LeBlanc
Athena Russell
Jeff Gonek
Megs Calleja
Erin Michell
Erin Michell

A recipe for Erin Michell calls for a dash of playwright, a spoonful of director, a cup of actor and a scoop of choreographer. Erin’s love of the performing arts started in dance class at the age of four and hasn’t faltered since. With over 10 years of teaching experience, Erin brings an arsenal of talent and creativity to LeBlanc School of Acting. If you are fortunate to take one of Erin’s classes, you will find a balance of work and play filled with confidence boosting games and exercises that will keep your acting chops in top form. Erin encourages her students to step and think outside of the box as all her classes are a safe space.

Erin enjoys spending her spare time eating lots of chocolate (who doesn’t?), cuddling her neighbour’s cat and playing an epic Dungeons & Dragons session with her fiance.

Hanna Sherwood

She may be from one, of only two cities in the world, situated between two lakes — but there’s only one of her: Hanna Sherwood. Born and raised in the beautiful Southern Interior of British Columbia, Hanna began dancing at the age of two and has had a passion for performing and theatre ever since. From songwriting to sculpture, Hanna likes to keep a finger in all the puddings.

Hanna originally came to LeBlanc as a student, but has since become one of our amazing staff members. She has a unique perspective of how LeBlanc operates from both sides and can’t wait to see more former students find success. When she’s not helping the team with workshops or performing her Executive Assistant duties, Hanna loves to spend time with her sidekick Lou the Goldendoodle!

Megs Calleja

How many people can say they were stage actors before they could tie their shoes? Megs certainly can. With personal inspirations of Susan Sarandon, Maureen O'Hara, and Judy Garland, Megs has looked to these leading ladies as the motivation that has led to her vast repertoire of plays, musicals and screen work. Megs leads her classes with an active spark and love for the arts. Her unique blend of playfulness, classical training and professionalism bring an exclusive level of education to every class she teaches.

Megs has trained with Bard on the Beach in BC, at Dalhousie University and the King's Theatrical Society, studied Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in the UK. In 2020 she was shortlisted for the Playwrights Guild of Canada's Emerging Playwright Award, and in the same month, her teen fantasy novel Acorns & Roots was published.

Jeff Gonek

Jeff Gonek is originally from the City of Champions, Edmonton, AB and has been with LeBlanc since 2019. He is an actor in demand for film, television and theatre with a true prairie mind set of work hard, play hard and keep focused. Passionate about helping and being kind to others, Jeff brings an insightful approach to our teaching team. He believes in the process of “unacting”, which is where students showcase themselves authentically through a fun and supportive environment.

When Jeff is not teaching or acting, he is busy sitting on the Board of Directors for the theatre company Alex&Main Productions and serves as a procedure for Pendulum Films. He also grows organic fruits and vegetables on a small farm and is known to shoot some hoops.

Athena Russell

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: an award-winning actress, writer, director and producer all walk into a room — wait sorry, we told that wrong. Athena Russell walks into a room. That’s it. Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Athena is a prime example of Canadian born and based talent. Having amassed a resume of over 45 professional film and TV credits both in front, and behind, the camera. Athena has been with LeBlanc School of Acting since its founding in 2015. Athena’s teaching tool belt is heavy with firsthand knowledge of the acting industry from both a performer and director standpoint. She also brings a practical and honest approach to her students as she knows what to expect in the audition room, how to book a job and how to leave a lasting impression on every project you work on. She works tirelessly with her students to not only examine and conquer the technical logistics and aspects of film and TV acting, but also encourages them to fall in love with performing. 

Athena enjoys petting cats, eating chicken nuggets and putting on her best rubber boots to go puddle jumping after a rainy BC day.

Julian LeBlanc

LeBlanc School of Acting’s own Chief Executive Officer, resident “actorepreneur” and highly sought-after youth acting coach, Julian LeBlanc is a triple threat. Born and raised in Moncton, NB, he discovered his calling of the dramatic arts at the age of thirteen when he realized he loved the art of storytelling and dance. Upon graduation from the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, BC, he found success in a number of television, short film and independent film roles. He established LeBlanc School of Acting in 2015 with the aspiration of founding his own school with the intention of creating an environment where youth actors could find themselves, sharpen their skills and grow confidence. Under his expert instruction and unmatched skill level, LeBlanc School of Acting has quickly become a leader in the youth acting circuit. When casting directors see Julian’s name attached to an actor’s resume, they know what to expect. With a versatile background in the dramatic arts and an encouraging and supportive larger-than-life personality, Julian emboldens his students through proven techniques and authenticity. He is passionate about providing every actor with a fair opportunity and empowering them with vibrant energy.

When he is not teaching or on set, you can find Julian watching WWE wrestling or competitive reality TV shows. He loves catchy dance tunes and has been known to cut a rug when the song is really good.