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LeBlanc School of Acting is a leading acting school for children and teens who specialize in television and film acting. We are a school that focuses on diversity, inclusion and the use of modern techniques that are guaranteed to foster success for youth actors no matter their background or skill set.

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Term classes

Our school offers new classes every seasonal term to help our students grow their abilities and advance their working knowledge. Each term runs eight weeks and supports the LeBlanc School of Acting idea that learning through immersion and enthrallment is what creates strong foundations and confidence.
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Workshops & Camps

Our innovative workshops & camps are unlike any other program you’ve participated in before. We use our workshops & camps to focus on emerging techniques, new tools and how to harness these to the best of our students' abilities.
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Legend's of Tomorrow
The Haunting of Bly Manor
To All The Boys I've Loved Before
The Good Doctor
Love, Guaranteed
The X Files
The Babysitter's Club

“I used to freeze when I got into the audition room but LeBlanc has helped me get over my nerves and camera fright!”

“I aced my audition after private classes with LeBlanc. They let me get much needed one-on-one education and attention so I could grow my skills.”

“I am very shy but I’ve always come alive while performing. Classes with LeBlanc have made me more confident and helped me find new goals.”

“When casting directors see that I have LeBlanc as my acting school, they know what to expect from me as an actor.”

“Naomi's official term with LeBlanc has been outstanding. She is really enjoying learning about how to use her body for expression, rather than just depending on her face. What a great experience for her! Anyways, thanks again! It may be the last day of summer, but we love how you always keep shining!!!!”

— Joyce Henry (Mom)

"Julian and the team at LeBlanc are fantastic! Their methods are unique and their ability to connect and breakthrough with young actors is excellent. Extremely positive environment which as a parent I love. The genuine care and concern for every student is evident in each session, including specific daily and long term goals. Highly recommend!"

— Lori-Ann Simpson (Mom)

“As a parent I feel included and part of a family and I love to see how engaged Lillia is. She has learnt so much already and it’s amazing to see her so excited after your classes. You take the time to not only nurture but also take an interest in her as a person. Pushing and praising when needed.”

— Louise Hughes (Mom)

“LeBlanc is more than an acting School! Yes, Hannah has learnt SO much and grows each week! I always say, it’s like our second home! Caring, supportive, our kids’ biggest cheerleaders, we have made such great friends along the way! #LeBlancWay

— Tanya Bos (Mom)

“LeBlanc truly is a family and the environment is so rich and supportive that it allows kids to grow and thrive. My girls have grown so much and have not only gained the skills needed for the industry, but have gained so much more in confidence and self-esteem. LeBlanc has had and continues to have a huge impact on their lives.”

— Laurie Geddes Peterson (Mom)

“Each child is treated as an individual. May loves every second of it and comes out of every class beaming from ear to ear. We love that it's not just about learning scripts. It's about every aspect of the job, from the moment they walk in the door of an audition, until the moment they leave. The kids are taught those small nuance techniques which no one here would ever teach."

— Alyson Emma (Mom)
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We ensure our students shine by equipping them with
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