Marika Siewert

L.S.A. Parent Champion

What do Netflix, Hallmark, Bravo, the CW and Apple TV all have in common? Marika Siewert. Marika is an award-winning recording artist, songwriter, actor, director, producer and artist/life coach. Trained at the Identity School of Acting in London, Marika has seen tremendous success in TV and film as well as garnering numerous Top 10 music singles on the radio and around the world.

Marika isn't the only talented Siewert, though, as her family of five all work within the film and voiceover industries and have over 100 credits to their names. Any time of the year, Marika loves mint chocolate chip ice cream, ocean views, e-biking, travelling and hanging with her family and Shiba Inu named Keona.

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