Carolyn Yonge


Just like Yonge Street in Toronto, Carolyn Yonge's lists of skills are long and varied. With over ten years of experience acting in film and television with an additional seven years of filmmaking under her belt, Carolyn has a unique view of the role of the actor and the craft. Spontaneity is at the heart of Carolyn's work; using technique and emotional exploration, she helps all her students discover the story, the heart and play found in all roles to help them live their artistic dream.

Carolyn has written two short films and won multiple awards for her creativity and hard work, including "Best Canadian Short Work", "Best Actor" and "Best Twist". Carolyn is also known for her work in the V.C. Andrews - Ruby Landry Series. Her credits include: After That, Undercover Cheerleader, Love at Sunset Terrace, Flora & Ulysses, The Professor, The Man in Highcastle and Sensitive Parts.

When Carolyn is not teaching, you can find her (probably) on a mountain, in the forest or looking for shells on the beach. She also loves going to the movies, reading books and making stories come to life through film.

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