Athena Russell

Director of Operations/Instructor

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: an award-winning actress, writer, director and producer all walk into a room — wait sorry, we told that wrong. Athena Russell walks into a room. That’s it. Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Athena is a prime example of Canadian born and based talent. Having amassed a resume of over 45 professional film and TV credits both in front, and behind, the camera. Athena has been with LeBlanc School of Acting since its founding in 2015. Athena’s teaching tool belt is heavy with firsthand knowledge of the acting industry from both a performer and director standpoint. She also brings a practical and honest approach to her students as she knows what to expect in the audition room, how to book a job and how to leave a lasting impression on every project you work on. She works tirelessly with her students to not only examine and conquer the technical logistics and aspects of film and TV acting, but also encourages them to fall in love with performing.

Athena enjoys petting cats, eating chicken nuggets and putting on her best rubber boots to go puddle jumping after a rainy BC day.

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