Ava Marchfelder

Ivy + Bean, Motherland: Fort Salem, Fire Country

What have been the highlights of your acting journey?

I started acting during the pandemic, so it was pretty weird at first. Self-tapes were a brand new thing, but I never knew anything else than taping auditions at home! The first job I booked was a recurring role on “Motherland: Fort Salem”. That was such an incredible experience. Kind of scary but incredible! The fans of that show are THE BEST, so being part of that larger community feeling was definitely a highlight. I really hope I get the chance to be on another show like that in the future. Another job I booked was a supporting lead in the series “Ivy & Bean”. I got to work with Jesse Tyler Ferguson (“Modern Family”) and Jane Lynch (“Glee”) on that, and the rest of the cast, all of us kids in the ensemble, became like family. That was an incredible feeling.

If you could be any movie character for one day, which one would you be?

Spider-Man! It would be amazing to learn how to do stunts where you climb on walls and stuff. Spider-Man is just so iconic. A female-presenting Spider-Man would be so high-concept, right?

How has the LeBlanc School of Acting been a part of your acting career?

LeBlanc is such a wonderful school because the teachers are so supportive and amazing at teaching! I feel safe with them to try out new things, and they encourage me to push my boundaries and grow as an actress.

What was the last show you binged?

Actually, my whole family re-watched the first seasons of “The Office” over the holiday break. It was a really fun show to study for the comedic timing. The cast is just so good!!

What are your acting goals for this year?

I'm currently writing a short film that I can star in so that I can showcase more of my range, and I’d like to maybe make a voice-over demo. Doing voice work for video games seems like it could be fun, so I think I want to explore that.

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